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Kamal Chowdhury

Ph.D., Molecular Developmental Neurobiology

  • 1978 Dr. rer. nat. (Biology) University of Heidelberg

  • 1979-1982 Postdoc (Laboratory of M.Martin, NIH, Bethesda, MD., USA)

  • 1982-1987 Lecturer and Staff Scientist, University of Heidelberg, Centre for Molecular Biology (ZMBH), Laboratory of Prof. Gruss

  • 1987-2001 Permanent staff scientist, Max Planck Institute for Biophysical Chemistry, Göttingen, Laboratory of Prof. Gruss

  • 2002- present Group leader, Molecular Developmental Neurobiology, Laboratory of Prof. Gruss

Major Research Interests:

Kamal Chowdhury

Molecular genetical mechanisms of organ development with special emphasis to brain arealizaton and lamination in the mouse. Roles of Emx2 gene and micro RNAs in mouse development.

Dept. of Molecular Cell Biology
MPI for Biophysical Chemistry
Am Fassberg 11
37077 Göttingen

phone:+49-551-201 1567
fax:+49-551-201 1504

Further information:

Selected Recent Publications:

Fimia GM, Stoykova A, Romagnoli A, Giunta L, Di Bartolomeo S, Nardacci R, Corazzari M, Fuoco C, Ucar A, Schwartz P, Gruss P, Piacentini M, Chowdhury K, Cecconi F: Ambra1 regulates autophagy and development of the nervous system. Nature. 2007 447(7148): 1121-5. Epub 2007 Jun 24

Ucar A, Vafaizadeh V, Jarry H, Fiedler J, Klemmt PA, Thum T, Groner B, Chowdhury K: miR-212 and miR-132 are required for epithelial stromal interactions necessary for mouse mammary gland development. Nat Genet. 2010 42(12): 1101-8. Epub 2010 Nov 7

Thomas, T., A. Voss, K. Chowdhury and P. Gruss: Querkopf, a MYST family histone acetyltransferase, is required for normal cerebral cortex development. Development 127, 2537-2548 (2000)

Brink, C., K. Chowdhury and P. Gruss: Pax 4 regulatory elements mediate beta cell specific expression in the pancreas. Mechanisms of Development 100, 37-43 (2001)

Vrontou, S., P. Petrou, B. I. Meyer, V. K. Galanopoulos, K. Imai, M. Yanagi, K. Chowdhury, P. J. Scrambler and G. Chalepakis: Fras1 deficiency results in cryptophthalmos, renal agenesis and blebbed phenotype in mice. Nature Genetics 34 209-214 (2003)

Muhlfriedel, S., F. Kirsch, P. Gruss, A. Stoykova and K. Chowdhury: A roof plate-dependent enhancer controls the expression of Homeodomain only protein in the developing cerebral cortex. Developmental Biology 283 522-534 (2005)

Hosseini, M., C. Koester-Patzlaff, K. Chowdhury, S. Grebenshchikova and B. Reuss: Differential genes expression in rats-hippocampus and -cerebellum after Borna disease virus infection. European Journal of Cell Biology 84 77-77 (2005)