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Marcus Hasselhorn

Professor, Georg August University Göttingen

1977-1983 Studies in Psychology, Göttingen and Heidelberg
1983 Diploma (Psychology)
1983-1985 PhD student, MPI for Psychological Research, Munich
1986 Dr. phil. (Psychology) University of Heidelberg
1985-1987 Junior Researcher, Dept. of Psychology, Göttingen
1987-1992 Postdoc, Dept. of Psychology, Göttingen
1993 Habilitation (Psychology, Faculty of Biology, Göttingen
1992-1993 Professor of Developmental Psychology, Koblenz-Landau
1993-1997 Professor of Developmental Psychology, Technical University of Dresden
1997- Professor of Educational Psychology and Developmental Psychology, Göttingen

Major Research Interests:

Marcus Hasselhorn

  • Human cognitive development during childhood and old age.

  • Learning disabilities.

  • Working memory

  • Attention

  • School related learning

Georg August University Göttingen
Dept. 4: Pedagogical and Developmental Psychology
Waldweg 26
37075 Göttingen

phone: +49-551-39 9288
fax: +49-551-39 9322

Further Information:

Selected Recent Publications:

Preis, S. and Hasselhorn, M. (1998) Is motor performance related to memory performance in children with specific language impairment. In W. Ziegler & K. Deger (Eds.), Clinical phonetics and linguistics, 203-212.

Hager, W. and Hasselhorn, M. (1998) The effectiveness of the Cognitive Training For Children from a differential perspective: A meta-evaluation. Learning and Instruction 8, 411-438.

Hasselhorn, M. and Richter, M. (2002) Entwicklung effektiver Abrufhemmung bei Grundschulkindern: Zum Einfluß von Motivation und Einsicht. Zeitschrift für Entwicklungspsychologie u. Pädagogische Psychologie 34, 149-155.

Hasselhorn, M. and Grube, D. (2003) The phonological similarity effect on memory span in children: Does it depend on age, speech rate, and articulatory suppression? International Journal of Behavioural Development 27, 145-152.

Becker, A., Woerner, W., Hasselhorn, M., Banaschewski, T. and Rothenberger, A. (2004) Validation of the parent and teacher SDQ in a clinical sample. European Child & Adolescent Psychiatry [Suppl 2] 13, 11-16.

Tiffin-Richards, M.C., Hasselhorn, M., Richards, M.L., Banaschewski, T. and Rothenberger, A. (2004) Time reproduction in finger tapping tasks by children with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder and/or dyslexia. Dyslexia 10, 299-315.

Titz, C., Behrendt, J. and Hasselhorn, M. (2004) Welche Rolle spielen proaktive Interferenzen zur Erklärung von Altersdifferenzen in der Gedächtnisspanne? Zeitschrift für Gerontopsychologie & -psychiatrie 17, 173-177.

Hasselhorn, M., Mähler, C. and Grube, D. (2005) Theory of mind, working memory, and verbal ability in preschool children: The proposal of a relay race model of the developmental dependencies. In W. Schneider, R. Schumann-Hengsteler and B. Sodian (Eds.), Young children´s cognitive development: Interrelationships among executive functioning, working memory, verbal ability, and theory of mind, 219-237.

Hasselhorn, M. (in press). Competencies for successful learning: Developmental changes and constraints. In J. Hartig, E. Klieme and D. Leutner (Eds.), Assessment of competencies in educational contexts: State of the art and future prospects. Göttingen: Hogrefe & Huber.

Hasselhorn, M. and Mähler, C. (in press). Phonological working memory in children with intellectual disability. International Journal of Disability, Development, and Education.