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Gerald Hüther

Professor, German Primate Center

  • Born at 15.02.1951 in Emleben/Gotha

  • 1969-1971    Basic Studies: General Biology, University of Leipzig

  • 1971-1973    Special Study Program: Animal Physiology,
                        Univ. Leipzig

  • 1973-1976    Research Study Program: Neurohistochemistry,
                        Univ. Leipzig

  • 1979-1989    Research fellow, Head of research project
                        'Neurodevelopment' at the MPI for
                        experimental Medicine, Göttingen

  • 1988             Habilitation (Fachbereich Medizin, Univ. Göttingen)

  • 1990-1995     Heisenberg-Stipendiat,

  • 1995-2006    Head of the Neurobiological Research Unit at the
                        Psychiatric Department, University of Göttingen

  • Since 2006     Head of the Center for Neurobiological Prevention
                        Research at the University of Göttingen (Psychiatric                     Clinic) and the University of Mannheim/Heidelberg                     (Institute of Public Health)

Major Research Interests:

Gerald Hüther

The use-dependent modulation of brain structure and brain function, the influences of stress and the role of emotional reactions.

Dept. of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy
University of Göttingen
von-Siebold-Str. 5
37075 Göttingen

phone: +49-551-39 6930

Selected Recent Publications:

Wedekind D, Preiss B, Cohrs S, Ruether E, Huether G, Adler L (2007). Relationship between nocturnal urinary cortisol excretion and symptom severity in subgroups of patients with depressive episodes. Neuropsychobiology 56(2-3): 119-22

Spreer A, Gerber J, Baake D, Hanssen M, Huether G, Nau R (2006). Antiinflammatory but no neuroprotective effects of melatonin under clinical treatment conditions in rabbit models of bacterial meningitis. J Neurosci Res 84(7): 1575-9

Himpel S, Bartels J, Zimdars K, Huether G, Adler L, Dawirs RR, Moll GH (2006). Association between body weight of newborn rats and density of serotonin transporters in the frontal cortex at adulthood. J Neural Transm 113(3): 295-302

Poeggeler B, Cornélissen G, Huether G, Hardeland R, Józsa R, Zeman M, Stebelova K, Oláh A, Bubenik G, Pan W, Otsuka K, Schwartzkopff O, Bakken EE, Halberg F (2005). Chronomics affirm extending scope of lead in phase of duodenal vs. pineal circadian melatonin rhythms. Biomed Pharmacother 59 Suppl 1: S220-4

Sachsse U, Von der Heyde S, Huether G (2002). Stress regulation and self-mutilation. Am J Psychiatry 159(4): 672